Based in Philadelphia, Wing endeavors to capture the ordinary man in extraordinary moments, seizing the pure quintessence of everyday situations. Establishing his own website in December 2014, he aspires to breathe life into every depiction, and to connect it with viewers of all backgrounds.

Black and White


The decision to create photos under a veil of black and white was based on Wing’s belief: that color is a distraction from a full appreciation of the story behind each photo. The superficial simplicity of using black and white also achieves a delineation of poignancy, and focuses the viewers on the ideation of each capture. It also aids in retaining the essence of purity whilst simultaneously evoking complex emotions and meaning.


Small Beginnings


Life in Hong Kong can be described as routine, quick-paced, and energetically assiduous. Wing found a sense of peaceful habituality within the almost chaotic atmosphere of Hong Kong’s hustle-and-bustle lifestyle. He wanted to use photography to capture particular moments within the chaos, especially of the common man in their respective inconspicuous settings, to express their stories under a different light. In his words, he wanted to “make the nobodies, somebody.”

Soon after Wing began his exploration in the form of photography, he discovered a Facebook page called Berlin-Artparasites, which explored the realms of abstract photography. Finding new inspiration, Wing began to shape his artistic style, emerging as he has today. However, whilst abstract art has brought his sense of art and definition to the next level, he believes in the importance of the constant adaptation, evolving his style according to individual nuances under certain thematic variations.

“It was interesting to see what I could achieve with a camera. Nowadays, DSLRs are available to almost everyone in terms of its affordability, but to truly hone the skillset required to use it well? You have to invest a lot of time and effort. For me, being able to use a DSLR to inspire others is almost analogous to publishing an exhilarating novel.” – WingHo Chan


Looking Ahead


When asked whether Wingfoto would one day become a professional service, Wing expressed that it would be more of a dedicated service as a pure form of art. Whilst pressure-driven lifestyles were his inspiration, he enjoys his work within a pressure-free environment, where he can appreciate a sense of freedom when directing his photos to express his exact wishes. Although, looking ahead to the near future, Wing does hope to reach a certain extent of renown, where people, from any background and environment, would ask him to photograph them.

“I am definitely curious and fascinated by the potential of being able to photograph, or even just be around, all kinds of different people, not only people from all around the world, but also people from various walks of life.” – WingHo Chan


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